Custard Accent: Banana

Custard Accent: Banana
Brand: The Vaporist
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A vanilla custard and praline base with a nice splash of bananas.

  • Name: Custard Accent: Banana
  • Line: The Collection
  • Ratio: 30%PG / 70%VG (High VG)
  • Flavor Profile: Custard, praline, banana
  • Flavor Description: Not your typical custard. A rich praline base twirled with decadent vanilla custard and just a touch of real bananas
  • Suggested Tank: Any
  • Enthalpy Testing Results: NO Diacetyl detected, 160ug/ml 2,3-Pentadione detected

The Collection is our signature line of E-liquids for vaporizers or electronic cigarettes.These complex and tasteful creations are locally made in Canada using USP Pharmaceutical grade PG/VG.

ngredients: Pharmaceutical grade PG and VG, Flavorings, Nicotine.
3 ( 3 / 5 )
The taste of this juice is pretty great, definitely my favorite part. Nice mix of praline with banana undertone. However, the vapor is very harsh and will destroy coils faster than any mix I've tried. I was sent an extra 30mL with my order which was nice, but I can't see myself using it. Overall not bad, but there are much better juices available from this store.
3 ( 3 / 5 )
Really like the taste of this one, but I'm going to agree with the other reviewers. The vapor did smell like urine. I thought I had pissed myself or something.
2 ( 2 / 5 )
Vapor smells like pee. Juice itself is very below average. I do not recommend this juice.
1 ( 1 / 5 )
This is really just a mediocre vape. I'm pretty certain the reason it's bundled in with the sample packs is because it's probably a very low seller on it's own that is either easy/cheap to make because I don't understand why this juice is included rather than one of the other ones that get good reviews. The inhale is fairly harsh in contrast to most custards, Banana flavor is there but it's very muted; smell has hints of the banana medicine children get. The smell of the actual vapor is absolutely atrocious, I tested it in three different tanks and on one RDA and they all produced the same urine-y smelling results. Also, if you're a tank user I'd completely avoid this juice. It is absolutely a "coil killer" as many say. I hope to see the sample packs replace this flavour with one of the other ones offered by Vaporist due to the terrible reception this one has had.
3 ( 3 / 5 )
Wasn't a fan of this one. I think the name banana custard is very misleading; if you're the type of person who likes the traditional rich custards you'd find in vaping, don't buy this expecting anything similar to that.It's one of the few flavors when I would vape that people around me would complain about the odor.To be fair the name might be misleading and not doing it any favors, but I have no idea what you would call it!Someone told me it smells like maple syrup waffles. Another told me it smelled like a urinal cake. I thought it kind of tasted like cheese. Strangely enough, it wasn't unpleasant, just really, really odd.It wasn't so bad that I wasn't capable of vaping the 30mls I ordered but I wouldn't purchase it again. If you're interested in trying out new unusual flavors I'd give it a go but I don't see this being an ADV for very many people.

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